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4 months

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
 Grey is 4 months old!!
He is growing like a weed and we are loving every 
day with our little guy!!
 He loves being outside, singing in the morning, 
talking to himself or the dogs, he loves petting Preston (bulldog),
he started to play in his play-saucer since he loves to stand!
 He started sleeping through the night the week of my birthday!
I think it was a little gift to mommy!! haha! Sometimes he will keep us on our toes and wake up every couple of hours on a random night but for the most part he sleeps really well!
We put him down around 7 and he may wake up once during 
the night then he
sleeps until about 6:30 am which is good because 
the dogs are ready to go out then!! 
He is such a sweet and happy little boy!
His face lights up when Ross gets home and he has a
smile from ear to ear! It's so sweet to see those two together!
Grey has enjoyed the pool a few times so far 
and loves the water!
We went to the library recently to get a few fun books to read
during the week and then to attend the baby story time during the early mornings!
We started going to baby boot camp in late May and we both
really enjoy the mornings outside! 
Ross took this pic last Sunday! 
We were worn out!! 
A busy weekend of baby boot camp, pool time, 
church and lunch with friends will take it out of you!
Plus aren't Sunday afternoons just perfect for naps anyways!

1 month and 2 months

Thursday, March 27, 2014
 Grey is growing every day!! Above is his 1 month picture with his sweet lamb! He was really squirmy and moved around a lot! At 1 month he was 22.5 inches long and 12 pounds! He enjoys bath time and sleeps for 3-4 hours then wakes up every 2 hours at night! He sleeps in the bassinet part of the pack and play for now and sleeps to the sound of rain. 
He can roll over in his crib when he is put in for tummy time! 
He enjoys stroller rides and riding in the car! 
Always mesmerized by his lamb that plays Jesus Loves Me!
He is wearing size 1 diapers and size 3 months clothes!
Blue eyes and lots of hair!
 Here he is 2 months old!! Wow! He got 4 shots at his 2 month check up and rested the rest of the day! At 2 months he is 24.5 inches long and weighs 14 pounds! A growing boy! He smiles and talks to you all day long! He enjoys his morning naps and loves to be in the stroller for long walks!
He sleeps 4-5 hours when he first goes down at night then wakes up about every 2 hours after that! 
He is now in the first level of the pack and play and sleeps to the sound of rain.
He still really likes bath time and has peed in the bath only a few times! 
Holds his head up to look at everyone in the room and all the objects on the walls!
He is wearing size 2 diapers and size 6 months clothes!
Ross turned 30 on March 1 and we took Grey out
to eat with us and the family really enjoyed
his company! He likes to look around at everything
and holds his head up really well!
On a weekly basis we enjoy going out to lunch
with friends and family, we also venture
to the park for walks, grocery store to make yummy
dinners for daddy, and he loves riding in the puts
him right to sleep! 

Meet Baby Grey

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Baby Grey is here!!!
I will post more details later but here
are two of our precious boy!
He arrived on Wed night at 10:49 pm 
weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces and
21.5 inches long!
 Grey meeting Daddy! 
Ross' smile says it all!
Grey all ready to go home! 
Decked out in gray and orange!
He did great on the drive home and is being
closely watched by his furry brothers Parker and Preston. 

Baby L at 39 - 40 weeks

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Baby Grey at 39 and 40 weeks! 

 At 39 weeks with Baby Grey!
We had a dr visit on thursday and he
said I was dilated at a 1. 
The baby is very comfortable in there! 
We had a little wild adventure Friday night...
He wasn't moving very much during the day and
so it made me nervous and of course Ross got 
really nervous. We headed to the hospital
just to make sure everything was ok.
As soon as they hooked up monitors on my 
tummy he began to kick! He does not like
things on my tummy....such as pillows and high 
maternity pants!! haha!! After a little
stay he had a great heart beat and lots of 
movements so we were sent home!
 At 40 weeks! Wow!! Full term!!
Sunday we headed off to church and lunch with
Ross' parents! It was a nice day! We also went and
saw the new Jack Ryan movie which was fun to get
out and about before the baby!!
 A few weekends ago Aunt Jan and Uncle Sonny came
into town to visit before the baby arrives!
Aunt Jan made two adorable wreaths for baby Grey!
I just loved this one so I put it on the front
door today since the next time we come back we will
bringing our little boy with us!
 I decided to decorate a little!! haha!
This is the banner my sweet friend Staci made for
the baby shower! We put it over the fireplace
to welcome baby Grey home!!
 Ross and I being silly!
One of our last pics of just us! 
I can't believe it!! We are so excited and eager to
meet our little boy!!
Ross with the pups! 
Our 3 boys about to be 4!!
Parker and Preston sense something
is changing and don't let me get out of their
sight when we are at home!!
 The babies room! It's complete and ready for baby Grey!
Here is the view looking into the room from the hallway!
A big comfy chair and his crib with the cutest little boy bedding!!
The big comfy chair is from Memaw Hogan who said
I loved to be rocked when I was little so I would need
a chair to rock my little baby in!! So sweet!!
He has a dresser full of clothes and blankets!
Also, a little collection of stuffed animals...lambs, deer, and a 
puppy dog! The sign above his dresser my friend gave
us as a shower gift!! Grandmother (my mom) loves 
all the lambs and so she has bought baby Grey anything
with a lamb on it!! I just love it too!! ;)
 His crib with big animals ready to cuddle with!
The giant lamb is from Grandmother (my mom) 
that we are taking his monthly pics with!
The super soft bear is from Aunt Penny! 
Nonnie (Ross' mom) got the bedding for baby Grey
and the sweet blanket with his name on it!!
 The changing station and diaper keeper! haha!
I put the frames up and some have
pictures while others do not...we are
waiting to put his picture in a few!
Our fun adventure starts today!!
Here are Baby Grey's bags ready to go!
We are headed into the hospital tonight
for medication to move the dilation process
along since I am still at a 1. We will then
be monitored at patiently wait for his arrival!

Christmas and 36-37-38 weeks!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Christmas 2014!! We enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families this year! 
On Christmas Eve we headed over to Ross' parents house were we ate all day and 
played with the little ones! Ross' grandparents came into town for 
Christmas and it was nice seeing them too! Lorin, Logan, Knox, and 
Rhett were there and Knox entertained everyone all day!!
 Ross and Knox playing around!
 Knox opening presents!
 Ross and I on Christmas Eve! 36 weeks pregnant!!
 Ross and baby Rhett! It's crazy how
quickly he has grown in a matter of weeks!
 We watched Christmas movies all day including the Grinch
and Elf! all time favorites!! Knox enjoyed the movies
and snacks while resting with Nonnie!!

 On Christmas morning we slept in and 
enjoyed a new tradition of monkey bread
on Christmas morning! We had a quiet 
morning just the two of us before getting
ready to head over to my parents home
for Christmas day celebrations!
 Ross and I at my parents house on Christmas Day!
I just love the tree my mom puts up!
It has ornaments that are old and new.
Some of the ornaments Tyler and I made when
we were little and some of them are shiny crosses
and fun diet coke bottles!
 Ross got a few things for baby Grey that were Batman themed!
Baby Grey also got a rocking Lamb with his name on it
that stays at Grandmother's house for when he visits!
 We are on the 2 week countdown!!!
Wahoo!! We are more than excited and ready!!
We bought a pack and play and it's set up in 
our room ready to go! We also have the car seat
installed in the car and a swing set up in the living room!
 We took Parker to the groomers the other
day for a good bath and a hair cut!
He is ready to meet baby Grey too!!
It's going to be a circus around here
and we are ready to go! haha!

35 weeks and Gaylord ICE

Here we are catching up a little on the blog.....35 weeks and a trip to see Gaylord ICE the Nutcracker!
Ross is great about taking my weekly bump pictures and on week 35 he decided it would be fun to show baby Grey that mom ate breakfast! ha! I look silly but Ross always finds a way to make me smile! Week 35 pics!

 35 weeks on Dec 15!
 Every year Ross and I have a date night to see the Gaylord
ICE exhibit in Grapevine! I enjoy our little date
nights since it's just us and we really enjoy walking
around the Gaylord seeing all of the beautiful
Christmas decorations! 
This year the ICE theme was The Nutcracker!
They went all out with all of the details and
even a slide in the middle of the exhibit made 
of ICE! *side note: it was freezing cold inside
and I had on my coat, scarf and the massive
blue parka! I look huge! haha!!

 After the Nutcracker ICE we saw the New York 
City ICE which was really neat!
They had a taxi cab made out of ice and
an area set up like Times Square!
Ross and Lady style!
 Ross and I posed for a pic by a bridge in central 
park ice! It was really cute and I hope to take 
Ross to New York City sometime to
enjoy the adventure!
 We walked around the Gaylord checking out all
of the wonderful Christmas decor!

 A wine barrel Christmas tree! How fun!

We had a lovely time and it's fun to think that
next year we will have a little one to join
us on our fun Christmas outing!!

Third trimester!

Sunday, December 8, 2013
 We are now into the 30s!!
Crazy how time is flying by!
 At 32 weeks we had a Dr. visit where our little boy
measured a week ahead of where we are currently at!
Since he measured big we have a ultrasound the week
of Christmas to see how big he actually is!
I'm really excited about the's a nice
Christmas present for this mommy to be!! 

Mom and I did our new tradition of running/walking
the turkey trot on Thanksgiving day! We both
ran the 10k last year and man it was humid last turkey day!
I walked the 5k with a friend and mom ran the 10k
with her running partner! It was a cold morning but
such a fun way to kick off the holiday season!!
 Thanksgiving 2013!! 
We celebrated Thanksgiving day with Ross'
family and then the following Sunday with my family!
Ross had to work on Thanksgiving since his store
opened at 8pm but we enjoyed hanging out
at the LaPrade house and quality time with family!
On Sunday we went to the deck the halls 
service with my family and enjoyed a delicious 
lunch that my mom made!

We got a gift card from pottery barn and so of course I 
ordered items for baby Grey!
I went ahead and ordered him a stocking for the fire
place to hang alongside the rest of the family!
I ordered this stroller blanket to keep
him warm on our many walks!! It matches the
diaper bag Aunt Pen made perfectly!!
 Ice Dec 2013! The temperatures dropped on Thursday night
and ice covered the roads! This is what we woke up to on 
Friday morning! Tree limbs in our front yard and the pool 
deck covered in ice! Ross headed off to work and I 
stayed in since I didn't feel comfortable driving on
ice all by myself! The temps haven't risen above
30 degrees yet.....we are hoping for sunshine soon!
 Since we have been iced in the past couple of days
the puppies have been by my side 24/7!
They are great cuddle buddies and we have
watched all kinds of wedding shows on netflix together!