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4 months

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
 Grey is 4 months old!!
He is growing like a weed and we are loving every 
day with our little guy!!
 He loves being outside, singing in the morning, 
talking to himself or the dogs, he loves petting Preston (bulldog),
he started to play in his play-saucer since he loves to stand!
 He started sleeping through the night the week of my birthday!
I think it was a little gift to mommy!! haha! Sometimes he will keep us on our toes and wake up every couple of hours on a random night but for the most part he sleeps really well!
We put him down around 7 and he may wake up once during 
the night then he
sleeps until about 6:30 am which is good because 
the dogs are ready to go out then!! 
He is such a sweet and happy little boy!
His face lights up when Ross gets home and he has a
smile from ear to ear! It's so sweet to see those two together!
Grey has enjoyed the pool a few times so far 
and loves the water!
We went to the library recently to get a few fun books to read
during the week and then to attend the baby story time during the early mornings!
We started going to baby boot camp in late May and we both
really enjoy the mornings outside! 
Ross took this pic last Sunday! 
We were worn out!! 
A busy weekend of baby boot camp, pool time, 
church and lunch with friends will take it out of you!
Plus aren't Sunday afternoons just perfect for naps anyways!


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